Product Detail

Silicone Impression Base putty is a very high viscosity two pastes addition reaction based soft elastomeric Impression Material with excellent hydrophilic properties, dimensional accuracy, high tear strength, and resistance to permanent deformation.

IMPRISIL Impressions are highly stable & can be stored up to 30 days and can be casted several time.

Light Body is an addition reaction based silicone impression materials for use in dentistry with automatic mixing device ( cartridge dispensing gun).

Light Body is a hydrophilic vinyl polysiloxane impression material for the production of extra ordinarily smooth and highly precision impressions for models, crowns, bridges and dentures.


Silicone Impression Base Putty is designed to be used with Silicone Impression Material Light Body in a dual phase impression technique for Impression of crown or bridge, full denture, partial denture and Impression for relining and cavity impression of facing, inlay, onlay, etc.


Base Putty and Light body silicone impression material is a Quadra Functional Hydrophilic Addition Reaction Based Silicone.


A Type Silicone Impression Material Hand Mix Base Putty + Light Body

  1. Silicone hand mix putty Base : 1 x 400 gms (300ml) + catalyst : 1 x 400 gms (300ml)
  2. Silicone light body Base : 2 x 25 ml + catalyst : 2 x 25 ml ) 2 x 50 ml cartridge
  3. 1x Plastic box
  4. 10 x intraoral tips yellow
  5. 10 x mixing tips yellow

Shelf Life

2 years from date of manufacturing.

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